Mighty Magnesium Helps You Meet Physical Demands

Magnesium is well-known for the role it plays in the structure and function of nerves and muscle tissue. And it’s absolutely essential for nearly every chemical reaction that takes place in the body.

Dates: A Power Food for Athletes

For the endurance athlete, or those with a physically demanding job, dates are an excellent power food.

Exercise is Medicine

The evidence is compelling: Exercise is the prescription for a healthy life – it aids in the prevention of chronic disease, enhances brain and nervous system function, and helps us manage stress at every age.

From Ancient Herb to Modern Medicine

Many of today’s modern medicines were first part of “folk” apothecaries, often handed down from the ancients.

Vitamin D Achieves Mainstream Medical Acceptance

It’s only within the last decade that a Vitamin D supplement became widely accepted by the conventional medicine community. Today, it’s one of the most highl

Coconut Oil or EVOO? The Healthy Truth

Depending on who you believe, coconut oil is a nutritional miracle food or pure poison. Nearly 70% of Americans view coconut oil as a health food; only about 37% of nutritionists view it that way.

Arsenic in Rice: Which Rice is Safest?

From Asian cuisine to gluten-free and other special diets, rice is a staple food for many people. But is it healthy?

Become an Informed Consumer of Health Information

Eat this, not that. One day a certain supplement or medication is great for you, but a week later you’re being advised not to take it. How can you judge the worth of media hype around health information and determine what applies to you?

Keeping a Diet Diary

Whether you need to monitor eating habits to manage a health condition or because you want to lose weight, keeping a Diet Diary is a powerful tool for gaining insight about what, when, and why you are eating.

Siberian Ginseng: Botanical Remedy for Immune & Stress Support

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is a botanical medicine distantly related to the more well-known Panax Ginseng.