Thewarming Socks Treatment Is A Very Simple Home Treatment That Can Help You Boost Your Immune System And Fight Colds And Flus In Early Stages, Especially During Cold Season Like These Days.

by Yoojin Lee-Sedera, ND, OMD

The warming socks treatment is a very simple home treatment that can help you boost your immune system and fight colds and flus in early stages, especially during cold season like these days. It is an old traditional hydrotherapy which has originated in Europe hundreds of years ago. By wearing cold socks on the warm feet, it stimulates the lymphatic circulation and immune function, thus help the body fight infection and clear out congestions in the head and chest areas.

It is my favorite thing to do when I start feeling sick, and warming socks pair well with a glass of hot, fresh, ginger tea.

Benefits Of Warming Socks:

  • Reduce sinus and lung congestion
  • Reduce headache, migraine, overall body aches
  • Reduce fever
  • May improve quality of sleep

What You Need For Warming Socks Treatment:

  • One pair of thin cotton socks
  • One pair of thick wool socks
  • Sink or bucket of very cold icy water
  • Tub or bucket filled almost hot water
  • Dry towel
  • Warm bed

How To Do Warming Socks Treatment:

  1. Get ready for bed (in your PJs).
  2. Soak the pair of thin cotton socks in a bucket of icy cold water. Make sure the socks are saturated with cold water then wring them out completely. There should not be any water dripping from the socks.
  3. You need to warm your feet. Soaking your bare feet in a tub of bearably hot water may be the way to do it. Keep your feet in the water until they are completely warmed (may need to add more hot water if the water starts to cool down).
  4. Dry your feet with a towel and put the wet cotton socks on your feet. By this time, you should be in bed so that you won’t have to walk around with wet socks on.
  5. Immediately pull the dry wool socks over the wet socks. You want the wool socks to completely cover the wet cotton socks.
  6. Stay in bed. It would be better if you do it at bedtime so that you can just fall asleep. Make sure you stay warm in bed.

By the time you wake up in the morning, your feet will be warm and dry. Likewise, the symptoms of cold, and head and chest congestion will be diminished or gone.

This treatment needs to be done in the early stages of illness, such as the first night of the onset of symptoms. You may repeat the treatment three nights in a row.

This treatment can be used for anyone – seniors, adults and children. However, if you have any chronic health conditions or a compromised immune system, you should consult with your naturopathic doctor before starting it.

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